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Temporary Attractions

In August they appear shimmering in the highway haze. Metal caravans refracting the sun. They set up in plain view. In parking lots or the rented dirt of fair grounds. By nightfall they’re up, red lights running, the kind of … Continue reading

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The Composition of Dust

On Saturdays, she stays inside to wipe away the residue of the work-week, covering every surface of the house like dust. She scrubs and scours every seam, in between feeding machines constant cycles of dirty then clean. All the while, … Continue reading

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He carries out the nightly ritual ordained by his mother by embracing whoever’s there. He moves among us through the incense of nicotine like a little priest in a pair of hopeful spiderman pajamas. He tiptoes over the empty beer … Continue reading

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The Taste of Paper

      After seven years of silence —a soft mumble of an email. I miss you. More of a murmur in sleep than a conscious sentiment. But we were never friends. More like refugees huddled together trying to survive … Continue reading

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In Exordium

*****This was a commission piece I wrote for the composer, Eric Whitacre, about the birth of his son.  In Exordium I picture you as a deep sea diver, an ocean astronaut floating, still formless, in the darkness of the deep. … Continue reading

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Catch and Release

I still reach for you in the space between reality and reflex. Still expecting to feel you flip like a fish under my fingers and not floating belly up somewhere in a container marked biohazard. While I am still here … Continue reading

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The Consumer and the Consumed

In a windowless room, our shirts pushed up over the elbows, in order to touch the bottom without getting wet.   Feeling in the muck, through the foreign food bodies, for the soft stick of forks and the smooth underbelly … Continue reading

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