Marketing and PR with video for authors, writers and poets.

Video is becoming the name of the game in marketing. If you are a writer, that can be daunting. How does one incorporate the written word as an art form into video format? Instagram is made for visual artists, but writers are having to pull double duty by becoming photographers and uploading carefully arranged pictures of coffee next to a strategically placed book, pen, paper or typewriter. It’s frustrating. Most writers have full time jobs and barely manage to fit in time to write. Now we are expected to become photographers, graphic artists and PR social media managers, videographers as well just to get our work read by people? The struggle is real, folks.

There is a huge parasite market that feeds on the struggle in the form of “how-to” for writers. “How to get published,” “How to market your book,” “How to get an agent.” Even published, well known writers are using the market to sell their own work by publishing books on writing, doing Facebook videos on how to write, blogs on how to write, just to keep their name out there. What do you do if you aren’t an expert on writing, don’t teach MFA courses, don’t have a book published? All you have really is you, your personality, and your work. Let’s face it, most of the time even our own families don’t take the time to read what we write. How do we get the rest of the world interested? Where do we find the time to promote when we don’t have the time to write?

Research shows video is becoming crucial for PR and marketing anything and everything through social media. Video production sounds daunting, but it isn’t. I do video production from small presses, but you can do it yourself and save hundreds of dollars. All you need is a computer and a little time and creativity. Adobe Spark is a basic free online software you can start with. It is very user friendly. I’ve used it to make simple education videos for my kid’s schooling. If you outgrow that, there are plenty of other low cost options. A little knowledge goes a long way. To make pictures for instagrams with quotes, snippets of your work, etc, Befunky is a free, super simple online picture editor that can do the job without requiring lots of experience.

Here’s a longer video I just did for Woven Tale Press. It is a visual reading Richard Dokey’s short story, “Give me That Old Time Religion.” Dokey is one of the best story tellers of the last quarter century and I was honored to work with him. He’s also a super nice guy.

Give Me That Old Time Religion

About Heidi Stauff

Ultimately ending up in Atlanta, Heidi's creative impulses followed many paths. She delivered middle-class, white-girl, angst to tens and twenties of Generation-Xers through the now defunct rock-band, Belljar. She designed hundreds of dresses for Disney-bound little girls. She birthed two babies she now homeschools, lost and then found her faith again, and writes about all of it in her free time: which is usually after midnight with a glass or three of wine.
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