You Write What You Read



My goal this year is to read a good short story every day. I firmly believe the quality of your writing is only as good as the stories you read. The brain is a machine and when you read, it is filing away unique sentence structures, unexpected metaphors and vivd descriptions for later. When you sit down to write, your brain will auto-suggest whatever is on file. If you only read crap, your library will be scanty and filled with cliches. The more quality literature you read, the larger the arsenal at your dispoal.


I started going through Pushcart Prize and stumbled upon this gem by Tina Louise Blevins called, “God of The Ducks” from Gettysburg Review, Autumn 2012. Luckily, you can read it online Here.

Not often does a short story make me laugh or cry, rarely does it do both. The characters are so fleshy and familiar, they seem like relatives. Blevins has that rare ability of  telling  a story about normal people going through everyday circumstances to reveal poignant truths about mortality and ultimate meaning.

“God of the Ducks” was the only work Blevins ever published. At 29 years old, shortly after finishing her MFA, she died. Definitely, a loss to the literary world.

About Heidi Stauff

Ultimately ending up in Atlanta, Heidi's creative impulses followed many paths. She delivered middle-class, white-girl, angst to tens and twenties of Generation-Xers through the now defunct rock-band, Belljar. She designed hundreds of dresses for Disney-bound little girls. She birthed two babies she now homeschools, lost and then found her faith again, and writes about all of it in her free time: which is usually after midnight with a glass or three of wine.
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5 Responses to You Write What You Read

  1. Rob Peecher says:

    Wow. “God of Ducks” was an extraordinary story.Thank you for sharing that.

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  2. Bela Johnson says:

    Yes and don’t forget audiobooks. Lifesavers for chronic readers of longer works! 😘


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