The Dangers of Chasing Fireflies 

We knew it was officially summer as kids when the first fireflies appeared. My Mom would give us mason jars and we'd run out into the yard and try to catch them.  We'd creep through the darkness and wait for the tell-tale blink to give away their hiding places in the bushes. I got one!--we'd scream … Continue reading The Dangers of Chasing Fireflies 

“13 Reasons Why” the copycats have started

The hit Netflix series, "13 Reasons Why" tells the story of a girl named Hannah that kills herself. She leaves behind 13 recordings that name 13 people from her high school as contributing factors. Each person must listen to all 13 tapes as they follow a treasure-hunt style map Hannah left for them, so they … Continue reading “13 Reasons Why” the copycats have started

Nothing happens for a Reason.

  We cling to this idea that "everything happens for a reason" because we can't be content not knowing. We want to see the promised hand of God in everything, so we constantly sift through our decisions like tea-leaves in the bottom of a cup, waiting for God's Will to form so we can say--ah, there … Continue reading Nothing happens for a Reason.

The Fate of Flightless Birds 

My grandfather used to let us watch him slaughter the chickens. He’d  hold them down against a tree stump, wack their heads off with one swoop of the axe, then let them go. We’d stare after their headless bodies as they ran and flapped around the yard, spraying the grass red. I kept thinking they’d take … Continue reading The Fate of Flightless Birds 

The Dog you Need, Not the Dog you Want

I have a love/hate relationship with the Church. God either has a sick sense of humor, likes to mess with me, or is trying to teach me something.  The only logical explanation is that God is trying to teach me something I don't really want to be taught. But why Them of all people? Aren't … Continue reading The Dog you Need, Not the Dog you Want

A Redneck in Massachusetts 

He'd regularly line us up against the wall: my older brother, younger sister, cousins, any neighborhood kids that happened to be hanging around and make us say it. He'd lead us in the chant, orchestrating it with his long thin fingers, towering above us at 6'4 in a pair of old coveralls.  Papa is a … Continue reading A Redneck in Massachusetts 

To Know and to be Truly Known.

  My husband kicks his right leg every 13 seconds when he first falls asleep.  It lasts around 9 minutes. The reason I know this isn't because I timed it. It's just accumulated subconscious  knowledge from lying next to him for almost twenty years. Kind of like beach people can tell the exact moment the tide … Continue reading To Know and to be Truly Known.